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Welcome to the international Knowledge Platform for Circular Building.

On this website you will find the latest information on circular building. We work with academic institutes, policy makers and industry partners all over the world to generate and disseminate knowledge that enables the shift towards circular building.

We make know how and support for circular building projects available. You will find policies, tools, guidelines and experiences from exemplary projects, among other things. The Knowledge Platform also functions as a monitoring system of circular material flows through regions by capturing the material consumption of construction projects. The circular map shows you where to find circular partners and how many tons of construction material are consumed and reused in your region. Avoiding waste starts with knowledge of circular building.

Our platform was initiated by GTB Lab in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations and Province of Limburg to contribute to knowledge and effective circular practices and policies in the field of construction. Circular Building Knowledge Platform is the digital leg of the European Laboratory for Green Transformable Buildings (GTB Lab). The other leg is formed by the physical building in Heerlen (NL). GTB Lab is a unique European Laboratory introducing a systemic shift in the building sector. A new philosophy where waste is considered a design error.

Circularity Meter

Circularity meter will assess reuse potential and circularity of materials within a building indicating the potential material flows related to the circularity score. It monitors city building material flows and enables to identify the gap between the linear and circular economy in built environment, per region/city.

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