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Circular Map

Find your circular building partners & support

The Circular Map is the ultimate online mapping platform for circular building knowledge. It features a wide range of exemplar building projects, decision support tools, circular infrastructure, and marketplaces that can be easily located based on your preferences.

Circular Building Knowledge Platform

The knowledge platform provides a one stop circular building portal in a comprehensive categorized view. You will find a wealth of resources on circular building, including partners, strategies, tools, guidelines, and lessons learned from exemplary projects.

Upcoming Feature: Circularity Meter

Monitor regional materials flows

Our Circularity Meter is currently under development. This innovative tool will help you to assess and increase the circularity of your regional or urban area.

The monitoring system shows the material flows in relation to the circularity score. It monitors regional building material flows and allows to identify the gap between linear and circular economy in the built environment per region/city.

For each building project recorded in the knowledge platform key environmental indicators are collected, such as the total mass, split into reused and reusable, and the corresponding embodied CO2. Also included are the on-site renewable energy production and consumption, as well as new green areas and trees planted.

The data is processed and will be made available in an overview below the Circular Map.

Please contact us for further information.