Circular Building Projects

Circular Building Projects

Exemplary Projects

Overview of best practices in circular construction that can be used. Also a sub-category of general construction projects to measure regional material flows.

Overview of best practices of circular building to take advantage of. Also a sub-category with general building projects for measuring regional material flows.

Appartment Building

Drive0 Democase 5

In Estonia, Drive0 will help realize a deep energy retrofit of a 3-story, 24-unit apartment building. The goal of the project is to reduce energy consumption, maximize resources and extend the life ...

Bartlett School

Advancing Circular Construction

In 2014, the world-renowned Bartlett School underwent a £20 million renovation project to implement circular strategies in the ...


Zero-carbon Housing

BedZED is a now-famous large-scale, mixed-use sustainability community that has inspired many low-carbon, eco-friendly housing developments around the ...

Chart Street Studios

Sustainable Redevelopment

Redevelopment of a former furniture warehouse in Hackney. Using CLT and glulam, the existing building has been extended to include a new building over the courtyard and new office space on the top ...

Deep circular energy retrofits

Drive0 Democase 6

In Slovenia, three houses will receive a variety of retrofits, including above-ground aerated concrete EIFS, insulation, heat pumps, new triple-glazed windows and LED ...

Green Design Center

Green Innovation Hub

International laboratory and innovation platform showcasing green concepts and technical solutions supporting circular use of materials, energy, water and other resources within the built ...

Green Transformable Building Lab

EU Lab for Circular Buildings

The GTB Lab building is built as a labaratory of circular buildings, where circular building methods will be tested and ...


Resource Station

To better dispose of residual waste from Rotterdam's Afrikaanderwijk market and collect and separate raw materials for possible reuse, Superuse Studios, in collaboration with Afrikaanderwijk ...

GTB Lab Module

Circular Module

GTB Lab Circular Module project has been developed as a EU Horizon 2020 BAMB pilot with full reversibility in mind aiming at high reuse potential of all building ...