Circular Building Design

Reversible building design guides to help reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Howto’s for reversible building design that helps avoiding waste and carbon emissions for engineers, product designers, architects, policy makers, developers and building owners.


Reference in Sustainability

ACCIONA offers holistic circular stratgies for applying circular economy principles in large infrastructure projects, like renewable energy, transportation and construction ...

Be Circular

Roadmap of Construction Actors in Brussels Towards a Circular Economy

Strategic overview of 6 objectives and targets collectively identified and agreed to (through public and private workshops) to 2025, 2030 and ...

Circular Economy

Principles for Building Design

This European Comission's publication on Circulair Economy Principles to Building informs and supports actors along the construction value chain, poviding principles for circular design of ...


Sustainable Flooring

A systemic framework for minimising the environmental impact of the EU flooring ...

Design Strategies for Reversible Buildings

Circular Economy in Construction

This publication explores a new perception of future buildings which are dynamic/reversible structures built with exchangeable modules and products for multiple use.

EU construction & Demolition Waste

Management Protocol

In this report, the EU outlines its strategy to enshrine reuse and recycling into construction and demolition projects throughout the ...

Guidelines and Protocol

Guidelines and Protocol

Guidelines to design reversible circulair ...

ISO 20887:2020 Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works

Design for Disassembly

This document provides an overview of design for disassembly and adaptability (DfD/A) principles and potential strategies for integrating these principles into the design ...


Circular Business

Katch-E has developed tools and training materials for enabling the circular ...