Systems & Products

Systems & Products

Circular Manufacturing

Suppliers of circular building systems and products designed with reversibility in mind.

Find your manufacturer of circular building systems and products designed with reversibility in mind.

BossCover Circular System

Circular Roofing

A circular EPDM roof system that can be entirely disassembled and ...


Circular Kitchen

Kitchens with a long lifecycle and designed for disassembly. This product as a service is developed for social housing and large scale projects. The service and maintance assure a perfectly ...


Reversible Timber System

Circlewood consists of a stackable wooden module that can be connected by means of an ingenious intermediate ...

Clamex S

Detachable Wood Connector

Clamex S-18 is a detachable connector making wood connections reversible that enables a circular wood ...


Reusable Building Block

The main advantage of this dry stacking system over masonry or bonded cladding is the fact that the bricks can be reused in their entirety! ...


Decentralised Ventilation

ClimaRad develops, produces and markets intelligent decentralised ventilation units, low-temperature ventilation ...

De Waterfabriek

Water Systems

Circular and climate resilient water systems that prevent wasteful use of ...


Modular Housing Unit

The basis of each Finch module consists of a fixed number of ingredients. The modules comply with the Buildings Decree for New Construction and can therefore be used both permanently and ...

GTB Lab Module

Circular Module

GTB Lab Circular Module project has been developed as a EU Horizon 2020 BAMB pilot with full reversibility in mind aiming at high reuse potential of all building ...