Clamex S

Detachable Wood Connector

Clamex S-18 is a detachable connector making wood connections reversible that enables a circular wood production. It is inserted into an 8 mm wide groove and held in place with screws. Through the minimalist 6 mm access hole, Clamex S-18 is firmly connected and disconnected using a lever. Clamex S-18 can be used with any Lamello biscuit joiner, allows aesthetic joints at all angles and is ideal for permanently joined or detachable mitres. Clamex S-18 is used in mitre joints from 19 mm material thickness and in butt joints from 15 mm.


Project Info

Location: Lamello AG, Hauptstrasse, Bubendorf, Switzerland
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  • Design: Lamello.
  • Manufacturer: Lamello.
  • Prdouction status: Deployment.
  • Year of market introduction: 2009.
  • Future modifications and reconfiguration?: 1.
  • High value recovery of materials?: 1.
  • Circular Building Infrastructure and Marketplaces: Circular Building Products.
  • Field: Manufacturing.