EU Projects

EU Projects

Circular EU Projects

EU Projects that enhance circular economy in construction accross the continent.

EU projects that enhance circular economy in construction accross the contintent. For example, Horizon Europe supports research and innovation activities, including circular economy. Also Interreg invests in circular economy as part of its main goal to stimulate cooperation between regions, while Urban Innovative Actions supports innovative solutions for sustainable urban development. Below are the most important circular EU projects of recent times.

EEA Building Renovation

Potential Sustainable Renovation Activities

This briefing examines potential renovation activities that could improve the sustainability of existing buildings and the implications for embedded greenhouse gas emissions and resource ...


Innovative Circular Tools

EU Projects that enhance circular economy in construction accross the ...

H2020 ARV

Circular Communities

The aim of ARV is to nurture Climate Positive Circular Communities (CPCC) which will enable deep energy renovations and the deployment of climate measures in the construction and energy industries. ...

H2020 BUS-GoCircular

Training Programme

BUS-GoCircular aims to address and overcome the challenges of the stimulation of demand for green energy skilled ...


Circular Construction in Regenerative Cities

Creation of regenerative cities by implementing sustainable and circular constuction practises. ...

H2020 CityLoops

Reuse Construction Waste

CityLoops brings together 7 European cities to pilot numerous tools designed to close two of the most significant waste streams: Construction and demolition waste, and Bio waste.


Circular Economy of building Materials

Innovative Circular Economy Based solutions for Efficient Recovery of the Generation of End-of-Life building ...

H2020 ReCreate

Reuse Precast Concrete

ReCreate is an EU funded projects which aims to establish an effective method to deconstruct and reuse precast concrete.

Interreg CHARM

Circular Asset Management

Optimisation of reuse of material and natural resources by an asset management ...