H2020 ARV

Circular Communities

The aim of ARV is to nurture Climate Positive Circular Communities (CPCC) which will enable deep energy renovations and the deployment of climate measures in the construction and energy industries. ARV is the Norwegian word for “heritage” or “legacy”.
The project will employ 6 demonstration projects, 9 thematic focus areas which are covered by 3 conceptual Pillars: Integration, circularity, and simplicity. Integrating a broad range of stakeholders behind circular strategies and innovative digital tools. Circularity in ARV refers to implementing a circular economy through the consistent use of LCA, digital logbooks and material bank. Simplicity in ARV means making solutions easily understood, from manufacturers to end users.

project website: https://greendeal-arv.eu/


Project Info

Location: Central Building 2, NTNU, Alfred Getz’ vei, Trondheim, Norway