Bartlett School

Advancing Circular Construction

In 2014, the world-renowned Bartlett School underwent a £20 million renovation project to implement circular strategies in the building. First, one floor was removed and two were added, making the building 8 floors in total. In addition, the facade was replaced with an entirely new facade of hand-cut brick. The concrete frame was retained, saving not only money but 400 tons of carbon. Gilbert-Ash developed bespoke furniture using a Kee Klamp steel system with birch plywood. This system not only functions as furniture for everyday use, but can also be dismantled and reassembled in different sequences, freeing up space in the building in the future and eliminating the need to source additional materials. The walls are either hinged or lightweight, making it easy to reconfigure the layout in the future as teaching and learning needs evolve over time. The renovation demonstrates the economic and financial potential of retrofitting 1970s building stock.


Project Info

Location: Bartlett School of Architecture, London, UK
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  • Date of start construction: 01/03/2014.
  • Date of completion: 01/03/2016.
  • Type of building transformation: refurbishment & retrofitting.
  • Building function: Educational.
  • GFA (m2): 8500.
  • Construction status: New.
  • Owner: UCL.
  • Sector of owner: public.
  • Public investors: UCL.
  • Architect(s): Gilbert-Ash.