Appartment Building

Drive0 Democase 5

In Estonia, Drive0 will help realize a deep energy retrofit of a 3-story, 24-unit apartment building. The goal of the project is to reduce energy consumption, maximize resources and extend the life of the building. Using prefabricated modules with a maximum of locally reused and recycled materials, Drive will minimize environmental impact and disruption to residents.


Project Info

Location: Kuuma 4, Saue, 76505 Harju maakond, Estonia
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  • Date of start construction: 03/03/2022.
  • Lifespan building design: 50.
  • Type of building transformation: renovation & restauration.
  • Building function: Residential.
  • GFA (m2): 2415.
  • Construction status: New.
  • Sector of owner: private.
  • Public investors: EU.
  • Architect(s): Miho OÜ Tallinn.