BRX – Dusseldorp

Reversible Building Block

BRX is a new reversible building block, which is made of concrete granulate. While developing demountable building block BRX, Dusseldorp considered uniformity in construction works in terms of dimensions and connections, just as standards for roof tiles and installation components exist.

The concave and convex notches of BRX allow for a wall to be stacked without any cracks and without adhesion. This saves mortar and allows for future disassembly. BRX makes

high-quality reuse possible at product level.

Besides, initial material of BRX is made of recycled aggregate. This makes BRX a true example of how existing buildings can become material bank for new buildings, by applying innovative building design and technology. Design which has a view on future reuse potential of building products can re-start material and product life enabling X reuse loops.


Project Info

Location: Albert Schweitzerstraat 31, 7131 PG Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands
  • Manufacturer: Dusseldorp.
  • Prdouction status: Discovery.
  • Year of market introduction: 2019.
  • Technical life cycle (year): 101.