Circular Economy Statements

London Plan Guidance

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has made it mandatory that all new building developments must produce a circular economy statement.

This stipulates that a written report must be produced along with a spreadsheet that precisely indicates how CE principles and targets are being embedded into the project as early as possible. From design to demolition, companies must demonstrate how they have considered circular strategies at all stages of the life cycle.


Project Info

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  • Author: Greater London Authority.
  • Publisher: Greater London Authority.
  • Publication date: 01/03/2022.
  • Free download: 1.
  • Level of coverage: Region/ City e.g. local planning requirements.
  • Level of scale: Infrastructure & Buildings.
  • Sectors covered: All/multiple.
  • Life cycle stage covered: All/multiple.
  • Keywords: Reversible.
  • Extend of obligation: mandatory.