Green Deconstruction

Dusseldorp is one of the larger and more sustainable deconstruction companies in the Netherlands. Whether it’s asbestos removal, total or renovation demolition, Dusseldorp knows the solution.

Maximum high-quality reuse is always the starting point for Dusseldorp’s deconstruction and demolition work. Limiting inconvenience in the broadest sense of the word is the most normal thing in the world for us. Dusseldorp is aware of the risks associated with asbestos. Our specialists remove it expertly and safely.

Dusseldorp’s accurate working methods are particularly useful for renovation demolition work. Even if the building remains partially in use, we carry out our work with a minimum of inconvenience. Whether it’s residential areas or industrial complexes, our extensive experience guarantees you the right approach.

When deconstructing buildings, we are familiar with various waste flows. Dusseldorp always aims for maximum high-quality reuse of these valuable flows. Various types of rubble such as concrete rubble, masonry rubble and asphalt rubble are a valuable raw material for new products. Dusseldorp returns these rubble remnants to the market in the highest possible quality. This can be as a semi-finished product, but by processing with our own (mobile) recycling and processing installations, it can also be used as an end product. We can make granulates from various debris flows that become available during demolition. These granulates can then be used as secondary building material for new construction projects. In order to upgrade contaminated streams to high-quality building materials, we have mobile treatment and cleaning installations.


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Location: Dusseldorp Infra, Sloop en Milieutechniek, Albert Schweitzerstraat, Lichtenvoorde, Netherlands
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