Living LAB 040

Experimental Housing

Good and affordable living in the city is under high pressure. It is therefore time to reinvent living and life in the city. What does this look like? We don’t know yet. In Living LAB 040 we are going to discover and really experience this together on the 8500m2 and 119 homes.

When we think of the city of tomorrow, we see a city where people are connected. A city where it is a pleasure to live and stay. A city where there is a home for every budget. A city that contributes positively to our health, with lots of green and blue. Compact, with intense use of the available square meters. A city that is adaptive and agile. Not a little different, but consciously changing course.

What is our mission?

We want to build cities where the well-being of the inhabitants is central. Where it is attractive to live and we deal consciously with what the earth offers us. Cities that are agile and efficiently organized. In the Living Lab 040 we have the space to work on pioneering innovations and new housing and living concepts that make good living possible. Fine cities are made together. Therefore, together with residents, businesses, the municipality and knowledge institutions, we go on an adventure to discover how we can make these cities. Everyone who wants to contribute to our mission is welcome to join us!

What are we going to do?

In the north of Eindhoven, in the new unconventional neighborhood Buurtschap te Veld, we will realize the living lab of a total of 8500m2. There will be (a maximum of) 119 Discover homes here. Not only the houses are experimental. Everything we normally do, we will question here. So also how we live together, how we can improve our health and how we move around. Also the design, the infrastructure, energy supplies, handling of water, greenery and much more is part of the experiment. The discovery homes will be inhabited so that we can directly experience what it is like to live in the city of tomorrow. Living in the Living Lab is therefore also one big adventure.

The first houses of the Living Lab 040 will be built before the summer of 2022. The housing shortage is high and therefore we are focusing on innovations that contribute to a qualitative acceleration in the construction sector. By building industrially and prefabricated, the housing concepts developed in the lab can be scaled up quickly and on a large scale.

Living Lab 040 is supported by the municipality, the province, market parties, the TU/e and residents.


Project Info

Location: Living LAB 040, Castiliëlaan, Eindhoven, Netherlands
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