Digital Twin

Lixo is a French startup that offers hardware and software tools for waste management companies.

The startup’s digital twin connects to the waste management infrastructure. The software solution consists of an AI tool that provides a precise view of waste flows, analyzes their composition, and characterizes the waste in real time. A dashboard allows the stakeholders to view key indicators like purity, flow, and downtime.


Project Info

Location: 23 Rue de Suez, 75018 Paris, France
  • URL source
  • Author: Marjorie Darcet, Olivier Large.
  • Publisher: Lixo.
  • Publication date: 01/01/2019.
  • Level of coverage: International – e.g. ISO.
  • Level of scale: Infrastructure & Buildings.
  • Sectors covered: Commercial.
  • Life cycle stage covered: Deconstruction.
  • Development phase: Deployment.