Mogu Materials

Mycelium Composite

MOGU is an Italian startup that offers mycelium-based materials for interior design. The startup grows strains of mycelium on pre-engineered substrates from agro-industrial residues. By tuning the matrix configuration, it harvests different materials for use in wall panels and floor tiles. Fungal mycelium acts as a reinforcement to the matrix structure, creating a plastic-free and coherent material composite. At the end of production, an inertization process slowly dries mycelium materials to reduce energy consumption.


Project Info

Location: Via S. Francesco, 62, 21020 Inarzo, VA, Italy
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  • Circular Building Infrastructure and Marketplaces: Circular Building Materials.
  • Field: Manufacturing.
  • Manufacturer: Mogu.
  • Prdouction status: Deployment.
  • Year of market introduction: 2015.
  • High value recovery of materials?: 1.
  • Use of reused resources?: 1.