NTA 8195:2020 Circular Textile – Requirements and Categories

Circular Textile

Describes categories of circular textile products. It sets requirments for input flows and the circular strategies applied in order to be able to report on categories of circular textile products. This document applies to textile products


Project Info

Location: Binnenhof 17, 2513 AA ‘s-Gravenhage, Netherlands
  • URL source
  • Author: NEN.
  • Publisher: NEN.
  • Publication date: 01/01/2020.
  • Level of coverage: National e.g. Dutch NEN.
  • Level of scale: Material/ substance.
  • Sectors covered: Product groups – brick, concrete etc...
  • Life cycle stage covered: Design/Specification.
  • Keywords: Reuse/ reclaim.
  • Extend of obligation: mandatory.