Circular Economy Advice

Reusefully provides expert circular economy and broader sustainability advice and support within the built environment.

Our objective is to support a transition to a low carbon and circular built environment, working holistically with other aspects of sustainability, productivity, resilience, social impact and health and wellbeing. We enable the practical implementation of circular economy thinking throughout the construction supply chain and provide evidence-based support and advice for related policy development. We are keen to collaborate and work with others who genuinely share this objective and value our commitment to delivering effective & impactful project outcomes.

This includes all stages of planning, design, procurement, manufacture, construction, in use and end of life (next life). We address material and resource efficiency, embodied carbon and net zero, design for deconstruction, waste prevention and waste management, end markets, reuse and recycled content. Collectively, Reusefully brings together over 100 years of experience, working across multiple parts of the value chain, from small practical projects to large scale R&D, for a wide variety of clients.


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Location: Reusefully Ltd, Dove Lane, Harrold, Bedford, UK
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