Wood Certification

In SHR you will find a knowledge and consultancy partner that offers added value. Added value for the construction sector, the furniture industry and for any other sector that processes materials containing wood or that can be used in combination with wood.

SHR tests, advises and shares knowledge about wood species, material selection and processing. From board material to bio-based semi-finished products, from paint to glue and from sealants to screws, nails, staples and other (construction) materials. But also about specific application areas, such as renovation, restoration, energy-efficient building, furniture and (ship) interior construction.

At SHR you will find wood specialists, mathematicians, polymer technologists, physicists and designers. Highly educated experts with a focus on practice and knowledge – and with more than 25 years of experience.

The added value of SHR proves itself in practice. In consultancy situations and in damage inspections, in product and material development and in specific research and testing, whether or not aimed at certification.


Project Info

Location: Shr B.V., Nieuwe Kanaal, Wageningen, Netherlands
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  • Field: Management & Consultancy.