Teysha Technologies

Sustainable Polymers

UK-based startup Teysha Technologies offers a natural product polycarbonate platform that creates a wide range of sustainable polymers with tunable properties. The platform utilizes hydrolytic breakdown to produce polymer materials from renewable resources. The startup utilizes various co-monomers, solvents, and additives to modify the properties of the final polymer network. It creates a variety of final products that vary from hard and stiff materials to soft, which are directly applied to plant machinery.


Project Info

Location: Teysha Technologies, Kingsway, Greater, London, UK
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  • Circular Building Infrastructure and Marketplaces: Circular Building Materials.
  • Field: Manufacturing.
  • Manufacturer: Teysha Technologies.
  • Prdouction status: Deployment.
  • Year of market introduction: 2018.
  • High value recovery of materials?: 1.
  • Use of reused resources?: 1.
  • Reverse logistics / remanufacturing?: 1.