The New Makers

CNC Timber Products

A circular, digitally produced building system with which integral, flexible transformation solutions are designed, detailed and made. Completely disassemblable products, made of biobased materials and with a very attractive appearance.


Project Info

Location: TheNewMakers, Benedenrijweg, Ridderkerk, Netherlands
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  • Circular Building Infrastructure and Marketplaces: Circular Building Products.
  • Field: Manufacturing.
  • Design: The New Makers.
  • Manufacturer: The New Makers.
  • Prdouction status: Deployment.
  • Year of market introduction: 2017.
  • Future modifications and reconfiguration?: 1.
  • High value recovery of materials?: 1.
  • Reverse logistics / remanufacturing?: 1.
  • Circular bussiness models such as a take-back system or similar?: 1.