Sustainable Architecture

Hands on and sustainable Werkstatt is an office for sustainable architecture founded in 2014 by Niels Groeneveld and Raoul Vleugels. A collaboration which emerged from our shared interest in natural building materials, and a hands-on approach to the design process.

Tangible and visible The name Werkstatt represents this process: our design studio is based in an actual workshop, around which our design process is organised. Through the means of building models and 1:1 mockups, our design process becomes very tangible and physical in nature.

Because our architecture is about more than just aesthetics. The bodily experience of a building means enticing all the senses. Through the use of natural building materials this experience is thoroughly enriched. These materials help sustain a comfortable indoor climate, through their breathability and regulatory characteristics. This means we can rely less heavily on installation technology, and more on material technology.

Simple and elegant These materials also complement our design philosophy. We strive for architecture which is simple and elegant. We focus less on the big gesture, but concentrate our efforts on solid detailing, beautiful finishes and visible wood constructions. In this way our architecture forms a background for everyday life. Over time materials will age beautifully, lasting a lifetime.


Project Info

Location: Architectenbureau Werkstatt, De Greefstraat, Eindhoven, Netherlands
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  • Field: Architecture & Engineering.