To make your project easier and more efficient, it is important to use the existing experience and information. In this page, you will find sources of information available in Belgium regarding building deconstruction and Reuse. There are also very interesting information sources in other countries. Do not hesitate to consult other pages proposed in the DDC Navigator regarding information in France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Europe.

Interesting Websites

Vlaanderen Circulair : knowledge centrum and showcase of pilot projects [Circular (de)construction, recycling, reuse] ; Link:

Vito [Circular construction]; Link:
Plateforme Réemploi [Reuse] ; Link :

Circular Built; website with guides, tool [Circular (de)construction, reuse, recycling ]; Link:

Circular concrete [Recycling ]; Link:

Circular Bio-based Construction Industry; Link:

Projects – Tools


Lerende netwerk : Circulair slopen [Circular demolition] ; Link:

Case studies

Chantier Pilotes de Démolition à Bruxellois (CPDB) ; website with case studies [Demolition, reuse, recycling] ; Link :

BBSM – Lessons learned from monitoring demolition sites; Case studies [Demolition, reuse, recycling] ; Link:

FCRBE – Digital tools for reuse ; Documentation, case study [Reuse, digital ]; Link:


PREC : Le secteur de la construction à Bruxelles – constat et perspectives vers une économie circulaire [Circular (de)construction] ; link :

BBSM- Technical framework for reused materials [Reuse ]; Link:


Buildwise – Innovation paper : Vers une économie circulaire dans la construction. Introduction aux principes de l’économie circulaire dans le secteur de la construction [Circular (de)construciton, reuse, recycling] ; Link :

Buildwise – L’économie circulaire : bien plus que du recyclage ! [Circular (de)construciton, reuse, recycling ] ; Link :

Buildwise : recycler (encore mieux) les déchets de construction et de démolition [Recycling ] ; Link :

Buildwise – Les systèmes de classification et le BIM [Digital] ; Link : /

Market places

Find below a non-exhaustive list of market places existing in Belgium. You also can find update lists in OPALIS and local websites


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