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BuildWise in the DDC project:

Buildwise (previously BBRI) is a private research institute founded in 1959 under impulse of the National Federation of Belgian Building Contractors in application of the so-called “De Groote” decree-law of 1947. This decree-law named after the former Minister of Economic Affairs was specifically aimed at the promotion of applied research in the construction industry, in order to improve its competitiveness. In application of this decree-law, the statutory members of the Buildwise are the more than 90,000 Belgian construction companies (general contractors, carpenters, glaziers, plumbers, roofers, floorers, plasterers, painters, etc..), mostly SMEs. According to its statutes, the Buildwise has the following three main tasks:

  • to perform scientific and technical research for the benefit of its members
  • to supply technical information, assistance and advice to its members
  • to contribute to the general innovation and development in the construction sector, more specifically by performing contractual research upon the request of the industry and the authorities.

BuildWise regarding Deconstruction and Reuse:

Buildwise wants to help the Belgian construction sector and contractors in their transition to a more circular building sector, by working together with the innovators, supporting the early adopters and develop tools, instruments, insights and reference documents for all.

BuildWise in the DDC project:

Buildwise is leading the Transnational and Regional Innovation Hubs, focused on matching the needs and demands from the building and deconstructing stakeholders and the development of technological solutions within and outside of Digital Deconstruction. Through different sessions and interactions the broader audience and stakeholders get to know new solutions for their circular needs.

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