Sustainable Architecture & Construction

Cepezed realizes environmentaly consious constructions by developing, designing and building. It also engineers building products.

Environmentally conscious construction goes further than just being efficient with raw materials. For example, we are increasingly using bio-based and nature-inclusive elements, well thought-out energy and installation concepts, and our designs are circular where possible.

cepezed works with a large team of architects, construction technologists and engineers and with the business units cepezedprojects for the development, cepezedconstructionteam for the realization and cepezedinterieur for the inner world of buildings; all in one.


Project Info

Location: Ezelsveldlaan 61, 2611 RV Delft, Netherlands
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  • Circular Building Infrastructure and Marketplaces: Design & Living Labs.
  • Field: Architecture & Engineering.

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