Center for Industrialised Architecture

CINARK develops, accumulates and co-ordinates research and education activities concerning the production of industrial architecture from a sustainable point of view. As a central activity – the centre outlines and revises those specific concepts, characteristics, methodologies, processes and products that define the field of sustainable Industrial Architecture.


The object is to clarify essential, as well as present-day problems and potentials. The centre aims at close collaborations with the building industry and related businesses. Through increased research and teaching it is CINARK’s aim to strengthen the school, the architectural education and the architectural profession when it comes to the use and understanding of the architectural potential in the industrialised building industry. The question at stake is how to develop the building industry towards advanced sustainable solutions. These efforts include a new organisation of the building industry; new processes of manufacturing as well as new design of building components. The centre strives to build up and communicate current knowledge in order to improve the dialogue between architects, manufacturers and users of sustainable industrial architecture.

Focus of research and education

  • Architectural development of buildings and building parts through advanced industrial fabrication and materials
  • The changing role of the architect in new building processes, business organisations and collaboration.
  • Focus on quantitative, qualitative and sustainable potentials in controlled and optimised industrial production, new supply chains and increased attention to customized solutions


Danish architecture and the Danish building industry need to develop clear strategies in order to take advantage of the architectural potential linked to industrialised production from a perspective that concerns environmental responsibility. This in order to rank Denmark in a leading position, when it comes to developing contemporary sustainable architecture based on the design and knowledge based building industry.



Project Info

Location: Philip De Langes Allé 10, 1435 Copenhagen, Denmark
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  • Circular Building Infrastructure and Marketplaces: Design & Living Labs.
  • Field: Platforms & Cooperatives.

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