Circular consultancy

We are 60+ experts for circular construction and software development. Your independent partner for circular construction– with Concular you can close material cycles and measurably reduce costs, waste and CO2 emissions.

In 2012 we launched Europe’s largest marketplace for recovered building materials “restado”. Since then, the world has changed – Fridays for Future, EU Green Deal and economic crises, the urgency of solutions to combat climate change has been recognised. The Circular Economy makes a decisive contribution to this. Since 2020, we have been relying on the development of circular material flows at building level with Concular.

The Concular team transforms the real estate and construction industry into a circular, sustainable economy. We are consultants: women, architects, software developers, engineers, visionaries, mache: and thought leader. We bring ourselves into political discourse, change through action, standardize processes, develop digital solutions, design new performance and job profiles, build local value chains and do not accept a status quo.

Today, Concular is the established market leader for circular real estate and offers ecological and economic benefits for all parties involved. In this way, we are creating the turnaround, actively saving emissions and waste – and making the resources of today available for the generations of tomorrow.


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Location: Rollbergstraße 28 A, 12053 Berlin, Germany
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  • Circular Building Infrastructure and Marketplaces: Design & Living Labs.
  • Field: Management & Consultancy.

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