Circular Consultancy

EcoReview helps clients through sustainable and circular procurement to achieve climate goals.

European, national and local authorities have committed to various sustainability targets for 2030 and 2050. To go beyond the sustainability goals To achieve this, clients purchase sustainably. This is done through tendering with the Environmental Cost Indicator (MKI). In MEAT tenders, the client award discount for a reduction of the MKI score of a project. This makes the entire chain stimulated. Contractors are rewarded for a cleaner working methods and will invest in new pieces of equipment. Producers are rewarded for the production of more sustainable products and will invest in new production techniques, greener transport methods and focus on more sustainable materials.

To enable investments in the entire chain, it is It is important that clients communicate what the value of sustainability over the long term. EcoReview has developed a set of instruments to measure the value that clients to provide insight into sustainability. This allows the entire chain to make a more balanced decision in the sustainability strategy.


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