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About the project

As part of the EUROFFICE building deconstruction project, the revalorisation of products for re-use is encouraged by the project actors, either through re-use or through the sale of certain products in order to give them a second life according to the principles of the circular economy.

The Euroffice building is located in Luxembourg – Hollerich between rues Mercier, du Commerce and du Fort Wedell. It has a volume of approximately 115,700 m3 with a floor area of approximately 4,800 m² and a total floor area of approximately 41,000 m²

The building is to be deconstructed for the purpose of a new construction project at the same location. The building is currently used as the Publications Office of the European Union. It is mainly used as an office building and, prior to its current use, was also used as a printing site, mostly in the lower levels of the building.

In order to promote the revalorisation of products for re-use, the project actors have set up a base and a framework in the form of an online platform containing

  • 3D scan of the Euroffice building, allowing a virtual visit of the building and measurements;
  • Potentially interesting products for re-use predefined in the 3D scan;
  • Implementation in the point cloud of the technical data of the products predefined for re-use;
  • Possibility to request additional information on products;
  • Possibility to book products by interested (third) parties.

The online booking of a product is to be considered as an expression of interest in the chosen product and has no contractual value, neither for the actors of the project, nor for the person having made the booking.

In this context, only one product can be booked at a time (no multiple selection for similar/identical products) in order to reduce the risk of one person or company booking a large number of identical objects and thus blocking the possibility of booking for other parties that might be interested in the same object.

With the booking, the interested party communicates his or her details via the online platform to the project actors so that a contact for a potential sales agreement can be initiated

An instruction manual for the use of the online platform was developed by BIM-Y and provided to the companies via the tender documents of the deconstruction project.

The companies have been informed that the 3D scan of the building was done during the exploitation of the current occupier and may vary from the current situation during the submission of tenders and the beginning of the works in terms of the furniture to be found on site, for instance.

Finally, the companies were provided with links to the platform and contact addresses in the event of IT problems and questions about specific objects. One link is mainly used for the virtual tour of the building including measurement functions, while the other link enables the booking of products in addition to the tour function.


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