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Since 2009, GreenFlex has been the key partner in the energy, environmental and societal transformation of organisations, enabling them to change their trajectory towards an economy that creates and preserves more than it destroys. Thanks to a multi-expertise model combining consulting, human support, digital tools and financing, GreenFlex accelerates the transformation of its 750 clients and accompanies them from the design of their roadmaps to their operational implementation and monitoring over time. The GreenFlex teams combine their expertise to meet the challenges of sustainable development, decarbonisation and energy efficiency and enable companies and territories to create economic, environmental and societal value. As a partner in the transformation of organisations, GreenFlex is also a leader in national and European projects aimed at developing and structuring new sectors and supporting the transformation and increased competence of ecosystems.

GreenFlex, carrier of numerous transformation programs

As a partner in the transformation of organisations, GreenFlex is also a leader in national and European programmes aimed at developing and structuring new sectors, supporting the transformation and increasing the competence of ecosystems

  • EnergieSprong: Initiated in the Netherlands, the EnergieSprong approach aims to accelerate the development of guaranteed zero energy renovations by relying, among other things, on a logic of prefabrication and industrialisation. Learn more at
  • D2Grids: this project aims to accelerate the development of 5th generation heat networks. The programme aims to disseminate good design practices and innovative approaches that can be developed through these networks. Learn more at
  • COOPID: The programme aims to develop cooperation and knowledge sharing between bioeconomy actors across Europe. In partnership with its European partners, GreenFlex proposes an innovative strategy to inspire producers and stimulate the adoption of inclusive and sustainable business models around the bioeconomy and biobased products. Learn more at
  • DigitalDeConstruction: The program aims at facilitating the reuse and recycling of deconstruction materials in Europe through the development of a chain of actors in the sector and the implementation of digital tools.

GreenFlex regarding Deconstruction and Reuse :

As a leader in numerous transformation programs linked to the construction sector, especially to deep energy retrofits and energy technologies, GreenFlex aimed at widening its activities by integrating to its priority for this sector the development of a more circular economy, transposing the work already started in other fields of application.

One of the engagements of GreenFlex is indeed defending a circular economy, based on sobriety and innovation that can be the guiding principles for approaches that are part of this objective. Three key areas can be used as guides to implement this ambitious circular economy: Sobriety by interrogating the needs, Longevity by extending the life of materials and Quality of the material mix by choosing the best possible materials. See more about those topics at

In order to encourage the research on circularity in the construction sector, GreenFlex engaged in the Digital Deconstruction program, and signed with the French partners a manifesto about massively increasing the use of reuse in (de)construction. It is accessible to all at this address :

GreenFlex in the DDC project :

GreenFlex is an environmental services company. It assists organisations in their ecological transition by providing expertise in operational & sustainable solutions in several areas: energy strategy & performance; financing energy transition and asset management; integrating sustainable visions & strategy; stakeholder relationship management and responsible products, consumption. These solutions combine data analytics, engineering, energy management, implementation development, evaluation, and financing.

The activity of GreenFlex in the DDC project is divided into the different Work Packages. First, the team contributes to system development activities by leading the economic and financial feasibility assessment of the DDC system, as well as conducting the Cost Benefit Analysis working in close collaboration with the pilot sites.

Thanks to its experience as a facilitator for various European programs and its connections to the construction sector, GreenFlex is also in charge of the coordination of the French regional innovation hub (RIH), dedicated to support the market development, the dissemination of educational content to the ecosystem and the collaboration with other actors involved in the deconstruction and reuse sector.

Finally, GreenFlex is also in lead on the activity on supporting implementation development, coordinating the development of the Business Model Prototype and the dissemination strategy, and participating in the development of the DDC Navigator and its implementation development module.

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