Het Romeins Museum

Roman Museum

Transformation of the histhoric Thermenmuseum in Heerlen is one of the flag-ship projects of the EU Project Digital Deconstruction, aiming at deconstruction and high value reuse of materials that will be removed from the building to make way for a new structure. During the design process the building has been scanned with a drone and mobile scanners (by BIM-Y) to create a virtual twin. After scanning, the Reversible BIM tool (of E. Durmisevic, 4D architects) enabled a digital assessment of reversibility of the structure and reuse potential of its elements. The tool identified elements with high reuse potential. In the next stage these elements will be connected with a sales platform with help of Blockchain technology (of block Materials).


Project Info

Location: Thermenmuseum, Coriovallumstraat, Heerlen, Netherlands
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  • Date of start construction: 01/12/2024.
  • Date of completion: 01/12/2028.
  • Lifespan building design: 100 year.
  • Type of building transformation: transformation & extension.
  • Building function: Museum.
  • GFA (m2): 7451.
  • Gross volume (m3): 30000.
  • Construction status: Planned.
  • Owner: Gemeente Heerlen.
  • Sector of owner: public.
  • Public investors: Heerlen Municipality (Gemeente Heerlen) .
  • Architect(s): Kraaijvanger Architects, TomDavid architecten.
  • Industry consortium: Kraaijvanger Architects, TomDavid architecten, Niek Roozen Landscape, Nelissen ingenieursbureau en IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs.
  • Construction costs: 16,500,000 EUR.