Kempens Landschap Foundation

Belgian landscape heritage conservation

General presentation

Kempens Landschap is a Flemish non-profit organization that aims to protect valuable landscapes in the province of Antwerp. Founded in 1997 on the initiative of the provincial government and some 40 local municipalities, Kempens Landschap is now active in 65 communities. The organization safeguards landscapes mostly by purchasing and managing valuable natural and cultural sites. In Flanders Kempens Landschap is unique since it is neither a nature nor heritage organization but uses a multidisciplinary and integral approach towards landscape. Nature, recreation, agriculture and culture are our main themes.

Kempens Landschap on Deconstruction and Reuse

Kempens Landschap is always working on a construction or restoration project somewhere because of its many fields of activity. We always try to make these as sustainable as possible, which is why we like to participate in partner projects that seek innovative solutions to certain challenges. This project aims to create a circular economy for the residual products of restorations and renovations.

Kempens Landschap in the DDC project :

Our main task within the project is to provide a pilot project to test the different modules of the project. Our site is situated in the heritage domain of Hof ter Laken. In our case, two small buildings next to the carriage house were dismantled, along with the interior of a nearby building.

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