Glass Wool Recycling Technology

Closed loop solution to treat and recycle glass wool waste generated during construction/demolition/deconstruction.

Although glass wool is a material used worldwide for thermal or sound insulation in buildings, there remains no closed loop solution to treat and recycle the waste generated during construction/demolition/deconstruction. By using the new innovative Submerged Burner Melter (SBM) technology, I-LOOP aims to transform large amounts of glass wool waste into high-value cullet for glass making. It is hoped that this will indicate to a variety of key stakeholders the new economic viability of circular strategies for glass wool.

project website: https://www.isover.fr/recyclage-de-la-laine-de-verre-la-commission-europeenne-financera-le-projet-i-loop-disover-0


Project Info

Location: 12 Place de l’Iris, 92400 Courbevoie, France