Modular Sustainable Housing

mHome contributes to affordable, circular and biobased housing construction.

Fast and affordable
The advantages of standardization and prefabrication. We link a central green financing to the mHome and can offer competitively compared to traditional construction methods. We integrate the steps of design, realization and use. With our modular system, the homes are quick to install and failure costs go down.

The mHome modules made of CLT and solid wood are assembled in our production hall and delivered ready to use to our clients. The mHomes can be endlessly switched and stacked which offers great flexibility in duration of use and function.

mHome modules are reusable in their entirety as well as in individual parts (dismountable and remountable). Raw materials are not depleted and waste production remains minimal. This is how we keep the natural and technological cycle closed.

Maximum use is made of natural and renewable materials. This is how we keep the natural cycles closed. Moreover, natural materials have the ability to store large amounts of CO2.

By using natural materials, we do not develop and build “”plastic bags,”” but healthy houses made of natural, breathable materials. In addition to a healthier indoor climate, natural materials have a direct positive influence on both mental and physical health.


Project Info

Location: Hatertseweg 23, 6533 AB Nijmegen, Netherlands
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  • Circular Building Infrastructure and Marketplaces: Circular Building Products.
  • Field: Systems & Products.
  • Design: mHome.
  • Industry consortium: ECO+BOUW, de Stollenberggroep.
  • Prdouction status: Deployment.

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