Mosa Facade

Reversible Ceramic Facade System

Producing tiles by using the purest raw materials and innovative remountable design. The sustinable ceramics are Cradle to Cradle® certified and stand the test of time.

Mosa is the first ceramic tile company in the world to have gained Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold certification for nearly its entire tile collection. Mosa’s externally-validated life-cycle analysis (LCA) supports the sustainable character of our tiles. The Cradle to Cradle label enjoys widespread recognition and contributes to positive scores for Dutch and international green building labels such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, and HQE. In various (inter)national databases, the impact of Mosa tiles on these sustainability labels is clarified.

Discover the potential and relevance of green building labels for architects and how to get certified.


Project Info

Location: Mosa Design Studio Maastricht, Meerssenerweg, Maastricht, Netherlands
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  • Design: Mosa.
  • Manufacturer: Mosa.
  • Prdouction status: Deployment.
  • Future modifications and reconfiguration?: 1.
  • High value recovery of materials?: 1.
  • Reverse logistics / remanufacturing?: 1.
  • Circular bussiness models such as a take-back system or similar?: 1.