Old School of Berlaar (BE)

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Deconstruction of the old school of Berlaar

The old school of Berlaar consists in a group of buildings, built in 1881-1883, according to the plans of L. Blomme, and enlarged from the north in 1912-1915 by E. Careels. The buildings showcase a functional type of architecture. They consist of simple volumes of one to two storeys, under a double-sloped roof covered with tiles. This volume is built in reddish-brown bricks, with multiple bluestone elements.

The net area of the built complex is 2,419m². The complex consists of 2 school buildings of 770m² net area, oriented perpendicular to each other (A, B, C in the plan below). The complex also counts 2 playgrounds and 3 single-storey buildings, used as outhouses or storage rooms (E, D1, D2).


Plan of buildings of the Berlaar school for the Reuse inventory – B2ASC for Buildwise, august 2022

About the project:

The Berlaar school complex is to be totally demolished by the Municipality of Berlaar. There is a strong will from the building owners to dismantle and reuse as many elements as possile, and to organise the demolition according to the principles of circular economy.

Pre demolition audit testing

The Berlaar School hosted the testing of different pre-demolition audit methods :

  • Using Imapper to generate a floorplan of the building
  • Using Diag-it application to make a reuse inventory, generate product-fiches and a summary table
  • Using the Sloopopvolgingsplan methodology, applicable in Flanders (without specific digital tools), to make a materials inventory
  • Using the FCRBE-methodology (without specific digital tools), to make a reuse inventory, generate product-fiches and a summary table

Materials from close surroundings that have been identified to be reintegrated into the building:

  • The deconstruction strategy has not been made; therefore no elements have been chosen to be reintegrated in the building.

Materials from deconstruction that found potential buyers on external marketplaces:

Research of potential buyers has not been undertaken, as the deconstruction strategy does not exist. The demolition has not yet been scheduled.

Digital Tools in the project:

  • Diag-it inventory app
  • Imapper
  • 3D scan
  • Cirdax

Example of a product-fiche made via Diag-it inventory app – Buildwise, august 2022


Berlaar school floorplan with iMapper – Buildwise, august 2022



Example of a product-fiche made via the FCBRE-methodology, without specific digital tools – B2ASC for Buildwise, august 2022

Download report: DDC social materials balance of the School Berlaar


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