Reversible Module (NL)


The realization of phase 2 of the GTB Lab – Green Transformable Building Lab – has started with the aim to promote the local production of affordable circular housing.

The slogan “Demolition is design error” by the founder of GTB Lab, Prof. Dr. Elma Durmisevic, runs like a red thread through all developments of GTB Lab. Phase 2 shows the development of an “all-electric circular house” (with a potential take-back guarantee) in collaboration with local and regional partners: Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Province of Limburg, City Region Parkstad Limburg, IBA Parkstad, Municipality of Heerlen, 4D Architects Amsterdam, Adviesbureau Brekelmans, Habenu – Van de Kreeke, Warsco Units, Jansen BV, Soltech NV, Nordish Infrared, Marmony Solutions GmbH, Bluedec, Tectum Group. GTB Lab, with its regional and European partners, innovation projects and initiatives in various EU regions, constitutes a recognized European Laboratory for Circular Building.


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