Transformable Buildings Structures

Design for Disassembly

Comprehensive overview of the indicators impacting whole life performance of the building and building materials. Publication provides at the same time a design gridline as well as performance measurement criteria for circular buildings. Publication and guidelines addresses the main question of sustainable building, as how to find a balance between the increasing dynamics of change, which is related to the increased resources consumption, and the key principles of sustainable engineering (such as; conceiving natural resources, saving energy, reducing waste, etc)(E.Durmisvic 2006). Design criteria and indicators defined in this publication support the view that above can be achieved by extending the life cycle of buildings and their materials. Principles and measurement protocols explained in this publication have been used as a base for EU projects addressing circular building design and tool and have found a place in EU guidelines for design.


Project Info

Location: TU Delft Faculteit Bouwkunde, Julianalaan 134, 2628 BL Delft, Netherlands
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  • Author: Elma Durmisevic.
  • Publisher: TU Delft.
  • Publication date: 06/02/2006.
  • Free download: 1.
  • Level of coverage: International – e.g. ISO.
  • Level of scale: Buildings only.
  • Sectors covered: All/multiple.
  • Life cycle stage covered: Design/Specification.
  • Keywords: Adaptable / flexible.