Upfall Shower

Circulation Shower

Due to partial reuse of shower water you get huge savings on water, energy and waste water.

Showering under the Upfall Shower is completely hygienic. The water in the reservoir is sucked up via a (removable and cleanable) filter, then the water passes through a Philips UV lamp, which kills micro-organisms. This system is also used in water treatment plants. Fresh hot water is also continuously added. Sustainable showering with the UpfallShower for a better environment.

Due to changes in our climate, we are increasingly confronted with drought. We are also increasingly dealing with groundwater pollution and due to the growth of the population we are using more and more water. Drinking water companies indicate that they can no longer meet the enormously growing demand for drinking water. Three-quarters of our drinking water goes to households. 70 to 80% of that goes to our shower and only increases with the arrival of the rain shower.


Project Info

Location: De Linge 33, 8253 PJ Dronten, Netherlands
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  • Design: Beterbad.
  • Manufacturer: Beterbad.
  • Prdouction status: Deployment.
  • Year of market introduction: 2014.
  • Circular Building Infrastructure and Marketplaces: Circular Building Products.
  • Field: Systems & Products.