Villa in “Borgo Digani”

Drive0 Democase 4

The Italian demo selected for renovation consisted of a complex of buildings that had been demolished and rebuilt over the decades. Drive identified the need to demolish, rebuild and renovate in order to improve the structural safety and energy performance of the building. To achieve this, the roof will be completely rebuilt using MultiBox: a 2D prefabricated panel with structural wooden frame with different thermal insulation layers; the north and west facades will be rebuilt using the “Aliva System”; a technology consisting of 2D plug & play panels and prefabricated panels with structural aluminium frame filled with two layers of high density (internal) and low density (external) rockwool for a total thickness of 20cm. Finally, the windows will be replaced with new insulated frames called Monoblocchi.


Project Info

Location: Borgo Digani, Via Sant’ Antonio, Argelato, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy
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  • Date of start construction: 02/03/2022.
  • Lifespan building design: 50.
  • Type of building transformation: renovation & restauration.
  • Building function: Residential.
  • GFA (m2): 470.
  • Construction status: New.
  • Sector of owner: private.
  • Public investors: Private bank foundation (Fondazione CARISBO).
  • Architect(s): Studio di Architettura ED Ingegneria Associato (Alto Reno Terme).
  • Industry consortium: ALIVA, Mirko Cioni, Habitat Plus.