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Cost Benefit Analysis

The life of the project has been punctuated by a number of analyses concerning different aspects of the work carried out, that integrated financial or economical aspects. Learn more about the methodologies developed and the results obtained below.

Cost Benefit Analysis

On the one hand, the experimentation carried out on the pilot projects provided an opportunity to conduct research into the balance of reuse operations. Systematic feedback is essential if learning from test operations is to take full effect. Encouraging this type of analysis and disseminating it will enable us to identify areas for improvement and capitalise on successes.

A methodology has therefore been developed to structure this analysis, and the tools will be made available at the end of the project. In addition, the application of this methodology to the pilots has enabled a cost-benefit analysis to be carried out, integrating environmental, health and economic impacts. The various reports detailing the analyses carried out and the results obtained will also be made available on this page.

Strategy of the DDC system

The provision of detailed information on the economic and financial feasibility, and on return on investments linked to the application of DDC solutions, together with the viable business models will be important incentives for targeted actors to engage in the activities of DDC.

This is why an initial business canvas was created, and later on a dissemination strategy was produced, which includes deployment strategies for the DDC System, outlining specific avenues for the introduction of the technology. Besides the strategy, a Business Model Prototype, and blueprints for the creation of regional market places will help building blocks of combined actions supporting market introduction of the DDC System and boost the roll-out of the developed digital tools across NWE.


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