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Publications from the Digital Deconstruction project or by the partners

Since the project Digital Deconstruction started, partners have been working on various topics, together with other actors from the deconstruction and reuse ecosystem, to tackle important issues and shed light on the future of construction in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, and even further.

Partners of the Digital Deconstruction project propose you useful publications regarding Deconstruction and reuse processes, and design of circular buildings. Feel free to reach out to the consortium members if you want further information on any of the shared documents.

The following articles gather the main learnings from the project and its different Work Packages, in particular :

  • Business Module : discover the studies carried out by the partners to support the dissemination of the DDC system, and contribute to the research on how to make reuse projects more sustainable, on an economic and financial level.
  • Digital Deconstruction Newsletters and Press releases: find the newsletter shared with the Digital Deconstruction ecosystem during the project, as well as the press articles related to the project and to deconstruction, involving partners and the consortium
  • Regional innovation Hub: in the four partner countries, events were organised during the project, gathering key stakeholders of the deconstruction ecosystem. Find below the content presented during those events and the learnings.
  • Reports and Guides : reports and guide have been written by the partners to help disseminate the results of the research carried out during the project, but also to support market development and to lead others on the path of a more sustainable construction sector. Find this content below.
  • Transnational Innovation Hubs : in addition to the Regional Innonvation Hubs, events were organised by the Digital Deconstruction team to increase collaboration and the sharing of precious results accross the borders, fostering best practices and news ways of doing.

Business Module

Cost Benefit Analysis

Learn more about the studies, analysis and model developed by the project's team on economic, financial and environnemental ...

DDC Newsletters

Communication & Press

Find here interesting public ...

Regional Innovation Hubs

Supporting the ecosystem

Discover the learnings gathered during the Regionall Innovation Hubs organised by DDC ...

Reports & Guides

Project Outputs

Find here useful reports and guides proposed by DDC partners within the ...

Transnational Innovation Hubs

International ecosystem

Discover the learnings gathered during Transnational Innovation Hubs organised by DDC ...