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TiHThe Regional Innovation Hubs (RIHs) bring together industry frontrunners and other parties interested in digital tools for reuse and high quality recycling. These networks allow participants to explore possibilities to use digital technology for urban mining – through demonstrations, explanations, hands on testing and practical use cases. Members of the Hubs will also discover first-hand the innovative digital tools developed by the Digital Deconstruction project and share experiences with other frontrunners in the sector. In each of the four countries participating in the Digital Deconstruction project is set up a Regional Innovation Hub (RIH) : Belgium, France, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands. The Regional Innovation Hubs reach out to general and demolition contractors, architects and consultants, public or private clients interested in circular economy, software developers, and stakeholders in the reclamation and recycling industry. The RIHs have the objective to create and coordinate a network of deconstruction actors interested in digitalization. Within the network, participants are empowered to start new projects and develop their skills and knowledge. A Transnational Hub is also set up to allow frontrunners to dive deep in the technological developments of the Digital Deconstruction modules, and share on transnational issues, creating a network for future developments of DDC tools. Would you like to get hands-on experience with innovative digital tools for urban mining and discuss your experience with industry pioneers? Click on Events and join the activities of your Regional Innovation Hub. The next Regional Innovation Hubs will be in November 2021, in France and The Netherlands.

Transnational Innovation Hub 1 (2021)

DDC_TRIH_1 Meeting Minutes

Survey on the use of digital tools in the sector:

Transnational Innovation Hub 2 (05.2023)

LIST presentation on the DDC platform:

Costs benefits analysis on the Etelbruck pilot (LU) – Presentation of GreenFlex:


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