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Explore the open-source digital platform developed during the Digital Deconstruction project.

Explore the Digital Integrated Platform, a decision-making application dedicated to reuse strategy definition. This open-source Web application has been developed by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology. It centralizes data about the materials and components of the building and allows the stakeholders to access these data (e.g. technical properties, reuse potential, etc.) and then to define the best reuse strategy for the building to be demolished considering both environmental and economic criteria.

Discover the Digital Deconstruction Platform

One of the main goal of the Digital Deconstruction (DDC) project is to develop an innovative digital decision support system, integrating four technical modules: 3D scanning, Reversible Building Information Modelling, Materials inventory and blockchain technology. Each technical module provides interesting insights for supporting reuse strategy analysis (i.e. 3D point clouds, Building information model, reuse potential, inventory data, etc.) but we consider that the centralization of all the information inside a unique platform will reinforce the potential of the technical module considered independently. This approach of centralization of information allows the platform to provide consolidated data inside a dashboard enabling to support the analysis of the reuse strategy including both economic and environmental data.

Concept figure of the Digital Deconstruction platform

An open source tool available to all actors

This platform will help any actors involved in the process of a building deconstruction:

  • The private and public building owners who would like to apply circular economy principles to the deconstruction of their buildings, visualize data and analyse the reuse strategies.
  • The engineers, architects and deconstruction experts who will provide data to support the analysis of the reuse strategies.
  • The buyers who would like to buy a product or a material coming from a deconstruction site in order to reuse it in a new building design. This type of actors will be able to access the 3D scan, visit the building, search types of objects that he/she would like to reuse.
  • The workers from the construction industry which is responsible for the deconstruction of the building will be able to access information about the product or material (e.g. presence of hazardous material or the sequence of dismantlement).


Link to the platform (need access rights)

Visuals of the platform

R-BIM modeling on the DDC platform
Material inventory

Analysis panel

Development of a conceptual digital deconstruction platform with integrated Reversible BIM to aid decision making and facilitate a circular economy


LIST presentation of the DDC platform during the last TiH (05.2023):