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The open-source platform for deconstruction

The Digital Deconstruction platform was planned with an open-source code in mind from its inception. These developments were co-funded by the EU’s Interreg program and the partners of the Digital Deconstruction project. The platform consists of a dedicated server application (DDC backend), and a dedicated web application (DDC frontend), with their code published soon here :

This was designed and tested with several technical modules in mind:


Please note that these modules are not part of the open-source code, and can be replaced by similar services if needed. These are considered independent external technical modules which communicate with the backend REST API to provide and share information between deconstruction project actors.

The backend server application thus acts as an integrator of hybrid data from novel technologies which can revolutionise how deconstruction projects are conducted. The DDC frontend we have developed has dynamic user-friendly interfaces which integrate documents, 3D scans, BIM models with inventories of elements and materials seamlessly.

How can I use the DDC platform?

Because the code is open-source, you can download and deploy the platform in your own environment. The easiest would be to use docker (, where you can deploy each application (backend & frontend) separately. Once deployed, the frontend application needs to be configured to work with the backend. Alternatively, you can use only the backend application to integrate and centralise data under the DDC data model. This of course requires the use of external tools to connect with the backend REST API.

How can I connect my own tools the DDC platform?

If you already have a tool which provides a specific service or functionality to a deconstruction project (such as the technical modules mentioned above), you will need to adapt your tool to become a client of the DDC backend application. This means your tools should be able to do REST API calls (very typical for many tools today) and to adapt to the DDC data model. Depending on each case, some effort to change your tool might be required.

Can I improve or change the DDC platform?

Because the platform is open-source, anyone can built upon the existing code (within licensing terms), and adapt or extend the platform to their needs, be it back-end data models, REST controllers or front-end UI features. This provides a significant stepping stone to small and medium enterprises, which are encouraged to take advantage of the existing code, which was developed to a TRL 7 to date, build and extend upon it to suit their deconstruction business needs.